“What you hold in your hands is two years of work, but could also be (and in a certain sense is…) the work of a lifetime. My photography began and developed in the mountains, more particularly in those of the Gran Paradiso National Park and above all among the harsh, almost hostile peaks of Valsavarenche. The images in this book describe these places. They tell of encounters with the animals that populate them and which, after the many adventures and emotions I experienced there growing up, I’ve had the good fortune to relive with National Geographic. It’s the story of the flow of time through these valleys, from one autumn to the next”.

STEFANO UNTERTHINER | from the introduction
A book that celebrates the Gran Paradiso National Park, through the story of a great photographer. Il sentiero perduto will transport you to another world, in the tracks of a man searching for himself and a renewed bond with wild nature.
Who’s talking about the book? National Geographic Magazine, Il Corriere, GEO



Edizioni Ylaios (2015)
160 pagine
Prezzo: 42 euro